Six SDGs Transformations

Date 1 Nov, 2020


Category Sustainable Finance

The UN SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals) call for actions, leading to significant socio-environmental transformations that bring tangible improvements globally. Sustainability practitioners, however, are fully aware that any large-scale change or transformation cannot be achieved without a collaborative approach. The UN SDGs provide a framework for cooperation and emphasise partnership of governments, science and business. […]

Corporate Engagement in Brief

Date 3 May, 2020


Category Corporate Engagement

Corporate engagement is an effective strategy to improve the company ESG/sustainability performance and increase the relative value of assets. Investors and asset managers, along with management boards, are increasingly involved in this process. As PRI research shows, “ESG engagement creates value for both companies and investors, amid growing evidence that engagement by investors with companies on environmental, […]

Family Offices and Impact Investing

Date 1 May, 2020


Category Sustainable Investing

Along with dynamic developments within the sustainable finance domain, family offices are increasingly involved in sustainable/impact investing. More than a quarter of family foundations are now engaged in impact investing, according to the 2019 Global Family Office report from UBS.  “The impetus to invest for impact was the recognition that philanthropic assets are limited, and […]

Sustainable Finance in the EU

Date 12 Mar, 2020


Category Sustainable Finance

The EU regards sustainability, including the transition towards a low carbon economy, as key to maintain its competitiveness within the global economy. Given that, in 2009 the EU adopted a Climate and Energy Package of directives and regulations, setting out targets in reducing carbon emissions, along with an increase in renewable energy and energy efficiency […]